KKCOM - Kane / Kendall Council of Mayors

STP Program

The Surface Transportation Program (STP) provides funding to municipalities for projects on the Federal-Aid Highway System. Northeastern Illinois is divided into 11 Council of Mayors, which are allocated STP funding for local transportation projects. The Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors receives approximately $8 million a year in STP funds.

Approximately every three years, the KKCOM has a call for all eligible projects; calls for Local Agency Functional Overlay (LAFO) Projects occur more frequently. The projects are ranked according to the KKCOM methodology. The rankings are utilized by the Transportation Policy Committee to prepare a programming recommendation. The Policy Committee program recommendation is forwarded to the Full Council for final approval. The program is submitted to CMAP to be developed into the regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), the northeastern Illinois five year agenda of transportation projects.

CMAP 2020 Master Transportation Schedule
Call for Projects eTIP Information Sheets (Printed 7.17.2020)
CMAP Transportation Development Credits for Highways Policy for STP Projects (eff. 11 28 2018)
CMAP Community Cohorts FY20 (KKCOM)
Current STP Program (Approved at the August 25th Full Council)
IDOT D3 Letting Schedule Through FY2020
IDOT Local Roads PCL Definitions
IDOT MFT Improvement Type Definitions
IDOT Transportation Development Credits for Highways Policy (eff. 10 22 2018)
KKCOM Bylaws
[2020 CALL FOR PROJECTS] KKCOM STP Methodology (Approved 11.6.2019)
[2020 CALL FOR PROJECTS] KKCOM STP Programming Policies and Procedures (Approved 11.6.2019)
KKCOM STP Project Update Form - use Internet Explorer
KKCOM FFY21-FFY25 STP-L Active Program (Approved at the August 25th Full Council)
KKCOM FFY21-FFY25 STP-L Contingency Program (Approved at the August 25th Full Council)

[2020 CALL FOR PROJECTS] Tentative Schedule
IDOT D1 Letting Schedule Through FY2022
IDOT D1 PPI Form (Updated 1/15/2020)
STP Active Program Management Policies
KKCOM STP-L Marks FY21-25
IDOT WMFT ITs Final 12.15.2018